Dear Clients,


We are pleased to announce that Turkon call again Mersin port from this week vessel .

Turkon call now 6 ports in Turkey on weekly basis with 2 services.

First service with 2 vessels call Marmara ports and Izmir with below rotation: Gemlik- Evyap/Izmit- Istanbul/Kumport- Izmir/Aliaga- Haifa- Ashdod

Second service with one vessel call Mersin and Iskenderun with below rotation: Mersin- Iskenderun- Haifa- Ashdod.

Turkon call on fixed day each port in Turkey and in Israel.

For more details, you can contact our sales department, Email address: Tiran_sales@tiran.co.il



Yours Sincerely,

Tiran Shipping (1997) Ltd,

As agent of Turkon Line